Meet the team working to get energy access out to the last mile


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CEO – Affy has a simple vision, let’s get power to everyone really fast so we can unlock another billion minds to contribute to the future



CTO -Loves fostering teams to be the best they can be, deploying processes, metrics and a positive can-do culture with technical know-how, now that’s a recipe for success



Product Management – Don’t let her smiles fool you, Nithya means serious business making sure our various products are aligned to our sustainability & high impact goals



Project Development – Passionate in renewable energy and impact, Kisa makes sure that numbers add up and the next project is on the way to provide clean and reliable power to the people



CFO – Matt is a man full of smarts. He manages Okra’s finances & facilitates the data science team in running various simulations, models and algorithms that form a key part of Okra’s smart grids


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HR & Communications – A company is as good as the people inside of it. Marika takes pride in ensuring the people in Okra are supported to be the best and happiest they can be


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Service Delivery Lead – He knows exactly what is going on in the field and will certainly put every little drop of sweat to the task of empowering end-users through power access.



Firmware Lead -Loves fostering teams to be the best they can be, deploying processes, metrics and a positive can-do culture with technical know-how, now that’s a recipe for success



Manufacturing Lead – Electronics, Hustle, China and making sure our products come off the press on time and reliably for our partners to deploy



Hardware Lead – He wears the leader hat and also the friendly colleague hat. And he’s damn good at being both. Ferg comes from a background in Hardware Design for self driving car equipment



Power Systems Engineer – Hailing from the big smoke of Siemens, Oscar is now an off-grid 50V DC pioneer



Community Engagement (KH) – He used to be a monk but now he’s found his calling in bringing energy out to the community and ensuring everything Okra does has a positive impact



Machine Learning Engineer – Helping out NASA for fun on weekends – Gabi works on automating the alerting engine, remote sensing, grid mapping and network planning



Community Engagement (PH) – He is humbly watching out for typhoons and crossing oceans to make sure none of the two affect the electricity access of the community we serve



Administration – Ensuring that not only can Okra keep bringing the light but that the lights stay on at Okra – handling administrative matters to keep the wheels in motion



Firmware Engineer – Working close with the hardware team in China, building out ATE, EOL & running firmware scripts all while dreaming up the next big hit chocolate fondant recipe



Hardware Engineer – Many people have test anxiety, not this man. He works on hardware design and takes the lead on test plans for our electronics



Firmware Engineer – From the road to the classroom and from one time-zone to the other. Georg is ready to jump on his (PCB) board and chase nasty bugs while working on new exciting features



Hardware Engineer – Testing. Adjusting. And strumming da bass. His name is Sam Bucca, and he’s our main man in China developing quality control machines.



Firmware Engineer – Patient with a team who cannot pronounce his name, Amr fearlessly tackles the hardest of firmware bugs. He is the man behind the Edamame screen – if we can dream it, he can build it.

Chee Hua


Senior Hardware Engineer – Considering he already owns a whole hardware setup at his home it wouldn’t be a lie to said that hardware means much more than work to this mastermind



Software Engineer – Outside of the impeccable hairstyle he has an impeccable talent of simplifying complex software challenges. He also proudly holds the credit for the dark mode on Harvest



Community Support – He traveled Australia collecting experienced like others collect stamps only to confirm what mattered to him was to meaningfully support people.



Sales Engineer – Avid listener and multi-talented character, Markus knows what he is doing and does not shy away from any opportunity. A unique gift: his brain comfortably hustles in 3 different places at a time.

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Commitment to equal opportunity

We encourage people from under-represented groups to apply. We support diversity and we thrive on it for the benefit of our employees, our products and our community. We’re committed to equal employment opportunity regardless of race, colour, religion, sex, nationality, sexual orientation, age, marital status, disability or gender identity.

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