Okra Pod

Smart. Connected. Empowering.

The Okra Pod enables energy companies around the world to sustainably deploy and scale in remote areas. By combining IoT with machine learning and hardy power electronics, last-mile households can connect into plug-and-play mesh-grids that deliver 24/7 productive power, or as standalone high power SHS.

Productive Power 

With 1.2kW output and support for 12/24V battery systems, households can power a wide variety of productive appliances, including freezers, cookstoves and power tools.

Compatible with PSW & MSW Inverters

Resilient to high in-rush current surges to enable coupling with pure and modified sine wave inverters so that households can power AC productive appliances.

Remote Control & Monitoring

System health and insights are piped into the Okra Harvest platform, enabling grid operators to perform maintenance tasks remotely.

Mobile Payments

Integration with mobile money providers makes energy payments as simple as scanning a QR code.

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Configured as a Mesh-Grid

Communities with distributed generation and storage infrastructure can be connected together in a modular fashion to form plug-and-play mesh-grids that automatically redistribute excess energy to where it’s needed most. This allows for increased power utilisation and enables households access more power during the day, and night.

Configured as High Power SHS

Individual households can also opt to be configured as standalone SHS, and can join a mesh-grid network later at anytime.

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Everything in the Cloud

Okra Harvest platform is the mission control platform that all Pods connect and report to. Manage inventory, maintenance, payments, and plan future networks using Harvest.

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