Site Simulation

& Least Cost Analysis

Least cost analysis & site simulation

Utilizing the power of machine learning and geo-spatial analysis, we are able to provide a least-cost analysis of project sites for energizing with both Okra mesh-grids and centralized networks.

The enables informed decisions on implementation strategy and cost comparison between implementing Okra vs traditional microgrid networks.

Configurable with your Supply Chain 

We run our simulations using your supply chain values to give you an accurate idea of what the final costs for deployment will be.

Least cost for both Centralized and Mesh Grids

We want to give our clients all the options available to them and thus our algorithms perform Analysis for both Centralized networks as well as Mesh Networks

Interactable Visual Interface

An easy to use understandable interface that gives you a clear cost break-down of the whole projects as well as individual clusters of houses

Experience our site simmulation tool

Sample simulation we ran through our algoritms.

A Site example with a combination of SHS and Mesh-Connected houses

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