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Okra’s hardware and software empowers energy companies, from mini-grid developers to SHS distributors, to deploy and manage last-mile energy projects at scale.

How it works

A fully integrated suite of tools for last-mile energy companies

We bring together everything required to sustain energy projects in remote areas. Okra’s tech is purpose-built to reduce the complexity of planning, operating, and maintaining last-mile assets.
We also provide a quality-vetted supply chain of solar panels, batteries, inverters and productive appliances, to support effortless roll out and capacity building.

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The Pod

The intelligent way to provide 24/7 productive power

Build plug-and-play mesh-grids for communities with growing energy needs. The Pod provides reliable power all day, and all night. It’s the essential building block of all Okra mesh-grids, but it can also standalone.

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Manage and monitor remotely deployed assets

For ambitious energy companies around the world, Harvest simplifies operations and maintenance. Monitor network uptime and energy utilisation, manage billing, and remotely control systems deployed in the field.

With live data and automated alerts, Harvest also eliminates the need to check systems manually.

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Case Studies

GVE Deploys Okra to Overcome Last-Mile Obstacles

GVE Deploys Okra to Overcome Last-Mile Obstacles

Meet Chris... ...a 28 year old Regional Field Supervisor working for GVE Projects Limited: Nigeria’s largest solar mini-grid DisCo (Distribution Company).The importance of Chris’ job can not be overstated; he manages off-grid electrification projects in the Southern...


Battery Power-Sharing

Battery Power-Sharing

The Pod now enables transmission of underutilized battery power to wherever it’s most needed at night.It is with great pride that we celebrate one of our most eagerly anticipated features of all time: battery power-sharing (we’ll refer to it as BPS from now on). BPS...

Product Updates

Harvest Mobile v1.0.0

Harvest Mobile v1.0.0

HighlightsHarvest Mobile App launchedStability improvementsHarvest Mobile App launchedFrom the very inception of Harvest, we knew we needed a mobile interface to capture and assist with work being done in the field. Most of 2020 was spent building the desktop web...


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