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Hardware & Software for Last-Mile Energy Access

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The Pod

The intelligent way to provide 24/7 productive power

The Pod is more than an IoT MPPT charge controller – it’s a mesh-grid controller.

Households can be powered in standalone configuration like a typical SHS, or as part of a mesh grid with multiple interconnected households that share power.

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Mission control for ambitious energy companies

Harvest is an all-in-one platform for managing CRM, payments, assets and project maintenance from the cloud.

All households equipped with the Pod automatically connect to Harvest, and other IoT controllers can also be integrated.

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A fully integrated suite of tools for last-mile energy companies

We bring together everything required to sustain energy projects in remote areas. Okra’s tech is purpose-built to reduce the complexity of planning, operating, and maintaining last-mile assets.
We also provide consolidated kits of solar panels, batteries, inverters and productive appliances, to support effortless roll out and capacity building.

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Overcoming the unseen barrier to sustainable energy uptake.

Overcoming the unseen barrier to sustainable energy uptake.

Why are 850Mn people living without access to reliable energy? The answer may be in an overlooked barrier to energy adoption - The high cost of electrical appliances. Bringing reliable and renewable energy to off-grid communities alleviates poverty, improves climate...


Mini-Grids vs. Mesh-Grids


Off-grid communities vary in size, location and energy-demand, so choosing the right technology is key to ensuring long-term project success. -- If you're short of time, you can skim through by reading the bolded text only - it will give you the general gist of this...


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