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Okra’s hardware and software empowers energy companies, from mini-grid developers to SHS distributors, to deploy and manage last-mile energy projects at scale.

The Pod

The intelligent way to provide 24/7 productive power

The Pod is more than an IoT MPPT charge controller – it’s a mesh-grid controller.

Households can be powered in standalone configuration like a typical SHS, or as part of a mesh grid with multiple interconnected households that share power.

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Mission control for ambitious energy companies

Harvest is an all-in-one platform for managing CRM, payments, assets and project maintenance from the cloud.

All households equipped with the Pod automatically connect to Harvest, and other IoT controllers can also be integrated.

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How it works

A fully integrated suite of tools for last-mile energy companies

We bring together everything required to sustain energy projects in remote areas. Okra’s tech is purpose-built to reduce the complexity of planning, operating, and maintaining last-mile assets.
We also provide consolidated kits of solar panels, batteries, inverters and productive appliances, to support effortless roll out and capacity building.

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Using Mesh-Grids to Energize Rural Cambodia

Using Mesh-Grids to Energize Rural Cambodia

Cambodia’s last-mile electrification challenge It was the goal of the Cambodian government to achieve 100% countrywide electrification by the end of 2020. Whilst the government has reduced the number of off grid villages from over 14,000 to less than 500 by extending...


A New Standard to End Energy Poverty

Okra is on board for the journey to provide >1000kWh/year to every man, woman and child.A study by the Rockefeller Foundation and the Energy for Growth Hub proposes a new standard to define energy poverty; they’ve set a new threshold for extreme poverty at 1000...


Okra Named in APAC25 List & Wins Cleantech Forum Asia 2021

San Francisco, USA | 2021.06.13< - Following the release of the APAC25 2021 list by Cleantech Group, Okra Solar has received the Judges Choice Award for showing promising traction towards creating widespread social impact for rural off-grid communities around the...

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