Energy Access Technology for the Last Mile

Okra’s hardware and software empowers energy companies – from mini-grid developers to SHS distributors – to deploy and manage last-mile projects at scale.

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How it works

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How it works

A fully integrated suite of tools for last-mile energy companies

We bring together everything required to build and sustain commercially viable energy projects in remote areas. From pipeline identification to remote monitoring and analytics, our hardware and software is purpose-built to reduce the complexity of planning, operating, and maintaining last-mile assets.
We also supply quality vetted solar panels, batteries, inverters and productive appliances for companies that want to add generation and load capacity to their project.

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Build your supply chain

Project planning & site ID

Find project sites, identify pipeline, calculate least-cost electrifiation and generate BOMs automatically, using our project planning services.

Setup a mesh-grid

Setup plug-and-play mesh-grids, or standalone systems, with mobile billing and 24/7 productive power (up to 1.2kW for households with productive appliances).

Monitor your assets

Using the Okra Harvest IoT platform, manage inventory, billing, maintenance alerts and power theft, for all remotely deployed assets connected to the cloud.

Leverage our supply chain

Add more generation and storage just like stacking blocks of lego, when our remote monitoring systems identify households with increasing energy demands.

The Pod

The most efficient way to deliver 24/7 productive power

Build plug-and-play mesh-grids using the Pod: an intelligent power distribution controller that ensures every ray of sunlight works to the fullest so that everything stays on – from lights and fans to freezers and cookstoves.

With mobile billing, 1.2kW power output and cloud connectivity, the Pod is equipped to deliver true productive power to last-mile communities with growing energy needs.

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Manage and monitor remotely deployed assets

For ambitious energy companies around the world, our Harvest platform simplifies operations and maintenance. Monitor network uptime and energy utilisation, manage billing, and remotely control systems deployed in the field.

With live data and automated alerts, Harvest also eliminates the need to check systems manually.

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