Quick Facts

  • 65 % of the jobs children entering primary school today will be doing when they graduate, don’t even exist yet.
  • The highest-paid Youtube earner this year was an 8-year-old child reviewing toys & he pulled in more than $26 million.

Achievements for 2019

250 houses were connected to Pineapple, the first prototype of our product. Over the last year, these houses consumed more than 9MWh of energy, with a 26.4% average increase in household income.

If these communities were a country, they would be the cleanest and fastest-growing economy in the world 😉

We won multiple competitions this year, including the TechCrunch Hardware Battlefield in Shenzhen where we unveiled our new product. All eyes of the tech world are looking with keen interest at how the energy access gap for 1 billion people is going to be closed..

Did we say a new product? The next evolution of the Okra Pod – codenamed “Edamame” – has finally hit the field trials. With up to 1.2kW output families will be able to simultaneously power freezers, washing machines and a range of other household appliances from Okra smart grids. Edamame also supports isolated demand-side management: a feature that allows real-time pricing and non-essential load ports to be remotely disabled if there’s not enough sun in the sky, or if bills aren’t paid (we’ll never turn off the lights).

Off-grid communities will have more robust real-time monitoring and control than the national grid of Australia.

What’s next?

We’re focused on getting 100 more houses connected with the Okra Edamame Pod next quarter, given our alpha field trials work out well – expect thousands of houses to be connected next year.

We’ve also just opened up our next fundraising round, so if you’re interested to be part of the journey, let us know and we’ll be in touch early in the new year!

The future that’s being built in front of us is exciting. We’re going into this holiday season inspired by all the people who are using energy in ways we could never imagine, motivated by all the people that remain to be connected, and grateful to all of you, our friends and partners for helping us on our journey.

Have a great break, and get recharged for an exciting 2020. Much love & best wishes from the Okra team. <3 🎅

We can’t do it on our own!