Okra Harvest

Mission control

A SaaS platform built for managing remotely deployed assets

Okra Harvest is a purpose-built platform that reduces the complexities of last-mile operations and maintenance, and helps developers make smarter decisions during the project project planning phase.

It also draws deep insights – from project revenues to network health and maintenance alerts – that helps operators provide a reliable and profitable service.

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High and low-level insights

High-resolution monitoring of network health, energy utilization, household revenues, and other key success metrics.

All-in-one CMS

Manage end-user information, asset ownership, and energy packages centrally.

Appliance financing

Finance appliances to end-users and amortize payments into monthly energy bills.

Easy maintenance

Automatically generated actionable insights that alert local maintenance agents to fix issues. 

Harvest Mobile

Local Language Integration

To give our Local Maintenance Agent a better experience we have prioritized local language support in our application. Ensuring that there is no language barrier to becoming the Maintenence Agent for your community

Signup New Households

Because some of the communities we work in don’t have connectivity it was important for us to develop a tool that allowed our development partners to do offline signups. Harvest Mobile is fully functional both offline and online.

Register a Pod to a Household

Pods are linked to households using a QR scanner, which is easily accessible from the Harvest App. Other Features include replacing a pod and removing a Pod all from within the profile page of the end-user.

Receive and Manage Payments

The Local Maintenance Agent can easily receive payments from households as well as view payment history.

Appliance Financing

Enabling you to turn your local maintenance agent into an appliance salesperson as well, by giving them the ability to add an appliance to users profiles from within the community