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Okra Named in APAC25 List & Wins Cleantech Forum Asia 2021

Okra Solar has won the Judge’s Choice Award in the category of “Energy, Power and Mobility”
San Francisco, USA | 2021.06.13< - Following the release of the APAC25 2021 list by Cleantech Group, Okra Solar has received the Judges Choice Award for showing promising traction towards creating widespread social impact for rural off-grid communities around the world. This award adds to the backbone of recent awards and distinctions that is helping Okra become recognised as an industry leader in the energy access tech sector.

Okra CEO: Afnan Hannan.

Richard Youngman, CEO of Cleantech Group, stated:

If we cannot successfully decarbonize Asia Pacific over the next three decades, we will collectively fail as a global species. With that reality as our backdrop, we are delighted to present our 2021 APAC 25, twenty-five more leading innovation companies pursuing solutions to reach net zero.”

Company CEO, Afnan Hannan, welcomed the award after presenting Okra’s innovative business model and technology during Cleantech Forum Asia 2021 on June 9th. During this event, a panel of industry experts carefully compared the likelihood of each company on the APAC25 list to deliver significant impact within their sector in the near future.

Richard also summarized the general opinion of the judges on Okra:

Cleantech Group CEO: Richard Youngman

“Many, including us, are impressed by the speed and capital efficiency of what has already been achieved by this young and vibrant mesh networking company.”


“With 800 million people still without access to grid-distributed power, we are excited to see how far this company can go in bringing affordable power to Africa, as well as Asia.”

What: Okra Wins Cleantech Forum Asia 2021
When: Thursday, June 10, 2021
Cleantech winners list: Top 2021 APAC 25 Companies Recognized by Judges Choice Awards
APAC25 list: The Annual APAC25 List

About Okra Solar

There are more than 850 million people around the world that don’t have access to modern energy services. Okra provides IoT + AI enabled hardware and software to last-mile energy companies so they can sustainably energize remote off-grid communities. Okra’s technology allows for all deployed assets – from solar panels to batteries – to be distributed and interconnected into mesh-grids where power is shared autonomously; this reduces the chance of blackout whilst increasing the overall energy available to every household. Meanwhile, grid operators can monitor, maintain, provide financing and collect payment from end-users via the cloud, which enables them to scale up projects quickly whilst yielding a profit.

Media contacts

Marika Vallier | Marketing & Communications
Phone: +855 93 405 013 (Cambodia)

Afnan Hannan | Co-founder & CEO
Phone: +855 16 897 438(Cambodia)

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